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Skridsikring i badeværelset: Sådan skridsikre du dit badeværelse-Thamus

Skridsikring i badeværelset: Sådan skridsikrer du dit badeværelse

Forfatter Henrik Andersen

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the home, especially for the elderly and disabled. Every year, numerous accidents occur in the bathroom due to slips and falls.

The good news is that there are a number of non-slip solutions that can make the bathroom a safer and more comfortable place.

The bathroom: One of the smoothest areas in the home

Although the bathroom is often a place of relaxation, it can also hide danger. Every year, many elderly and disabled people fall in the bathroom. But there is hope! Non-slip solutions can transform your bathroom into a safe and comfortable place.

Today we explore these solutions so you can create a safe and beautiful bathroom.
Let's get started!

Advice on anti-slip in your bathroom

Non-slip floors and coverings
The first step in creating a safe bathroom is to install non-slip floors and coverings. These can range from non-slip tiles to surfaces with textures that increase traction.

Consider whether it would not be an advantage to make use of e.g. anti-slip tape on smooth surfaces. Anti-slip tape is a good solution for surfaces that are impossible to anti-slip in any other way. Click below to read more.