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Non-slip GRP strips and profiles for wooden surfaces

Forfatter Henrik Andersen

Make your wooden surfaces non-slip with GRP strips from Thamus

Do you have wooden surfaces that become slippery in wet weather? Then non-slip strips, steps or edge profiles are the perfect solution to increase friction and safety.

At Thamus, we are experts in non-slip products, including our popular GRP Strips (glass fiber reinforced plastic strips). These products are screwed directly onto smooth wooden surfaces, making them ideal for a range of applications such as stairs, patios, jetties, boat docks and more.

Why Choose Non-Slip Strips from Thamus?

Durability and Safety: Our non-slip strips are made of fiberglass with embedded aluminum oxide grain, which provides unmatched non-slip resistance and longevity. This material is known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear, making it a reliable solution for many years to come.

Easy Installation: The GRP strips can be easily screwed onto existing wooden surfaces, which makes installation quick and uncomplicated. This makes it possible to improve safety without the need for extensive renovations.

Applications: Regardless of whether you have a staircase, terrace, bathing bridge or boat bridge or similar. our non-slip solutions can be adapted to your specific needs. The versatile use makes them popular in the public sector, where safety on smooth surfaces is a high priority.

Aesthetics and Function: Our non-slip strips are available in different colors and widths, so that they can be integrated harmoniously with your existing decor, while providing the necessary non-slip protection.

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Ensure that your wooden surfaces remain safe and non-slip all year round with Thamus' GRP strips. Contact us for more information or visit our website to see our full range of non-slip products. Make your surroundings safer with a solution that will last for many years to come.

Get skid protection that will last for many years to come, see more at the link below: https://thamus.dk/collections/skridsikre-lister-og-profiler-grp

By choosing anti-slip products from Thamus, you invest in safety and durability, while improving the aesthetics of your wooden surfaces. Let us help you make your environment safer and more reliable.