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Gulvopmærkning - hvilken farve skal jeg vælge?-Thamus

Marking floors, which color should I choose? -

Forfatter Henrik Andersen

Why should the floors be marked?

In any kind of professional company / public institution, such as schools, colleges and universities. Small and medium-sized companies, factories and production facilities, food industry, etc. Floor marking facilitates movement by making it visible to employees and outsiders, so that they can immediately and easily see how they should move about in the area. Marking the floor at the right time and place also provides extra safety, as accidents are easily avoided. For example, between driving and pedestrian traffic. In most cases, floor marking is required by the authorities, in such cases it is recommended that the company's areas are reviewed in collaboration with the company's safety representative and the Norwegian Working Environment Authority (see, if applicable, Prevention of accident risks during internal traffic in companies )

Which colors are typically used for what?

See our floor marking tape here
Floor marking tape
Floor marking tape

Floor marking tape colors

Improving Safety and Efficiency.

Floor marking ensures that the area becomes easier to understand and use in everyday life. A safer workplace can be achieved even if markings are made that do not necessarily follow the standards. eg. will mark areas for tools, bins, pallets, rolling tables, etc. reduce the risk of accidents as things are therefore not standing and floating around in the workplace. On top of that, it makes everyday life more efficient as you no longer have to look for the equipment you need.

Floor marking is a good way to reinforce information that is typically forgotten over time. It could, for example, be a floor sign with "hearing protection required". It is always a good idea to place this kind of information around the workplace so that there is never any doubt as to which rules apply.

Many companies already use floor marking for safety marking, but few have taken the opportunity to improve efficiency with smart, creative floor marking, which is a simple and cheap solution to achieve a form of "nudging" and a tidier workplace. At the same time, you can put labels on the tape that make visible what is meant by the marking.

"Proper markup often gets people to do what you want them to do without you having to tell them."

Floor marking at entrance - Færdselsvej

Floor marking - Product placement

Floor marking - Product placement

Floor signs for marking warehouse and production See our selection of floor signs in
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600x600x600mm Triangles